Many manufacturers specify our products to meet required safety standards for all types of vehicles and customer expectations. Choose DuPont aftermarket products to return vehicles to those original specifications quickly with no substitutes or compromises.


For panoramic roofs, liftgates, windshields & stationery glass, headliner bonding, and more.

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Clean and prepare glass as part of our total glass bonding solution.

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To prepare surfaces for adhesion of BETASEAL™ glass bonding systems and other adhesive sealants.

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Offering innovative solutions for bonding substrates as part of aftermarket repair.

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Promotes adhesion to vehicle bodies and inhibit rust in small nicks and scratches.

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A visible cleaner that enables installers to visually check for proper application.

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Reliable support backed by OEM-approved materials

We’ve been partnering with aftermarket distributors for decades. We understand how to develop and package products to make repairs faster, easier, and more reliable. From applicators to safety gear to training materials – we’re pleased to work with you and help you succeed.



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