Aerospace customers turn to us for innovative solutions that help them solve specific challenges like weight reduction, improved durability and reliability, and manufacturing efficiencies. Backed by decades of experience and an impressive team of skilled engineers and scientists, we are always ready to answer the call.

Industry Solutions

Aircraft engines are incredibly demanding on the materials that keep them running. We offer long-lasting parts and shapes for intricate designs. Our fibers, fabrics, and films help make the cabin interior more comfortable. Learn more about how we can contribute to your next project.

Industry Trends

Like any good partner, our business extends far beyond materials. We are committed to staying on top of the latest trends in manufacturing, testing, quality, and customer support. Our goal is to support our customers at every step of the process. For example:

  • Aircraft engine parts for high heat, low wear
  • Dry wear and friction application testing
  • Polymer Advisor

Testing, development, and innovation happens here

Kalrez® and Vespel® Technology Center

Customers visit our Technology Centers to work side-by-side with our scientists and engineers to develop new solutions for their toughest challenges. Come see how our application-focused approach can help reduce cost and risk associated with new solutions.

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Custom perfluoroelastomer seals and parts can be made with unusual geometries to match unique sealing applications.

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Get the chemical and thermal stability of a fluoropolymer with the seal resilience of an elastomer for static and dynamic applications.

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Offering improved part life, lower wear, weight, and overall cost compared to parts made from metal or older polymers.

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For demonstrated performance in customized aerospace bushing and washer applications.

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