DuPont™ Tyvek® Graphics FAQs

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about DuPont™ Tyvek®

What is DuPont™ Tyvek® ?

Tyvek® is a Nonwoven material made of 100% High density Polyethylene without binders or plastizisers.

What are its characteristics ?

Tyvek® is tear-, puncture-, water- and chemical resistant, lightweight, UV-resistant, Temperature resistant (-73°C – +110°C),100% recyclable and breathable.

What type of surface does Tyvek® have ?

Tyvek® has both a smooth and rough side. It’s recommended to use the smooth side for one-sided or full coverage printing. Rolls delivered from DuPont are always wound with the “smooth side outside”., unless specified by customers.

Can Tyvek® be recycled ?

Being 100% HDPE, Tyvek® or products made from Tyvek® can be mechanically recycled into products such as underground cable protection piping, automotive parts, blown film, packaging cores and flowerpots. Recycling companies are listed in our Technical Handbook.

How can I print Tyvek® ?

Tyvek® can be printed using all conventional printing methods, Offset, letterpress,  Flexo, Screen and Gravure and some digital printers., HP Inidgo, HP Latex, UV-inkjet, crystal point, thermal transfer (without coating).

What type of ink is recommended to use with Tyvek® ?

It’s recommended to use inks for synthetic material (see Chapter 2.4 in our Technical Handbook)

What’s the drying time on Tyvek® ?

Conventional inks may take 24 hours to completely dry (full coverage printing). Light ink coverage will reduce drying time drastically.

Can I use Tyvek® on Laser printer or Copy machine ?

No, the fusion temperature is far above melting point of Tyvek® of 135°C.

Is Tyvek® available in pressure sensitive grades ?

Yes, all major self-adhesive coaters have Tyvek® in their range. A list of partners is available on our website.

How can I print variable data on Tyvek® ?

All Tyvek® grades except 1442R and 1473R are certified on HP/Indigo industrial presses, certificates are available on the HP and DuPont websites. Tyvek® can also be printed on Crytal point OCE colorwave and UV-inkjet.

How can I print a barcode on Tyvek® ?

A barcode can be printed on Tyvek® with all main Thermal Transfer printers. It’s recommended to use wax/resin ribbons for best results. For small barcodes, it’s recommended to use Tyvek® Brillion™

Can I use Tyvek® for Inkjet printing ?

Only coated Tyvek® can be printed with water , solvent/ecosolvent and Latex inks. List of our partners is available on our website under “Where to buy.” Standard Tyvek® can be printed with all UV inkjet printers and some HP latex printers.

Can Tyvek® be laminated to other products ?

Tyvek® can be laminated to nearly all other products. Glue has to be applied always on Tyvek® because of the unevenness of Tyvek®. Glue has to be applied on the full surface to avoid blisters or bubbles. For roll-lamination, Tyvek® to be rolled outside. Glue can be a single component polyurethane or any type of Hotmelt. Cardboard should not contain recycled parts and it’s recommended to use min.120g cardboard to avoid curling. (please refer to the Technical handbook)

Which double sided tape is recommended for Tyvek® ?

Best tacking was obtained with TESA 4962

What is the surface tension of Tyvek® ?

Surface tension of Tyvek® is between 35 and 50 dyne. The surface tension of Tyvek® lasts for several years without decreasing.

Can I wash Tyvek® ?

Hard structure Tyvek® can be washed, soft structure Tyvek® only 3-4 times.

Can I dry clean Tyvek® ?

Tyvek® can be dry-cleaned; however, the critical part will be the ink.

Can Tyvek® be used outdoors ?

Tyvek® keeps its properties for one year outdoor exposure (central European climate). Full sunshine UV exposure can reduce shelf life to 3 months.

Can Tyvek® be used indoors ?

Tyvek® lasts more than 10 years when not exposed to UV. If Tyvek® flame retardant is needed for indoors, coated and certified (M1 or B1) is available from our partners (see our website)

What are the grades available ?

All Tyvek® grades including grammage and treatment are listed in our Technical Handbook.

Which Tyvek® is applicable for direct food contact and toy labelling ?

B-styles are certified for direct food contact and for toy safety. These products are not corona and antistatic treated and therefore more difficult to print. (sheet printing not possible). Guidelines are available in our Technical Handbook.

What is the maximum width available ?

For more information, please check the ordering guide

Where can I buy Tyvek® ? Can I have a brochure or samples ?

 A list of our distributors and partners is available on our website under “Where to Buy”. Brochures can be downloaded from our website. A4 samples can be sent on request, just fill in this form.

How can Tyvek® be converted ?

Tyvek® can be converted like paper, some minor deviations are described in our technical handbook.

Can I write on Tyvek® ?

You can write on Tyvek® with pencil, ballpoint pen but not with fountain pen.