Nomex® Paper


Nomex® delivers superior performance and proven reliability to a range of electrical insulation applications. 

By using Nomex® paper as electrical insulation, manufacturers of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have been able to help improve the integrity and performance of their own products.

Nomex® paper has played a key role in electrical insulation systems which are used in electrical equipment covered by applicable UL, IEC   and country specific standards such as IEEE and JL. 

DuPont™ Nomex® paper plays a key role in electrical insulation systems used in electrical equipment

Nomex® 200 Series

The Nomex® 200 Series is specifically designed to meet the market requirements for battery packs and electronic applications.


Nomex® 300 Series

Designed specifically to address the less-demanding requirements and increased cost constraints of electrical applications such as white goods, power tools and small HVAC units.


Nomex® 400 Series

The papers in the Nomex® 400 series, most notably Nomex® 410, deliver an ideal balance of properties and proven performance in a wide range of applications.

Nomex® 800 Series

Nomex® 800 Series papers help prevent premature failure of rotating machines operating under demanding conditions, such as partial discharge, extreme high temperatures and electrical stress.


Nomex® 900 Series

The Nomex® 900 Series provides an ideal insulation solution, helping to enable increased short- and long-term reliability, or reduced size and weight with greater power density.



DuPont™ Nomex® paper properties

Nomex® paper properties

Through a unique combination of properties, Nomex® paper and pressboard can address virtually any electrical insulation requirement. 

Crepe paper made with Nomex® by DuPont

Crepe paper made with Nomex®

From automatic and manual wrapping of leads to continuous transposed cable wrap, insulating crepe paper made with DuPont™ Nomex® is an ideal choice for applications requiring a high degree of conformability.