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Professional Landscaping Products

DuPont Professional Landscaping Products and Solutions

The very same company that brought the world over two centuries of revolutionary product innovation brings you professional-quality landscaping products — designed to make installation easier and more efficient, while providing beautiful, lasting results that your customers will love.

Smart Weed Control Solutions for Great Looking Gardens

Our professional-grade landscape fabrics provide a strong weapon against weeds, while helping to promote healthy plants and shrubs.  

Long-Term Stability from the Experts

Count on DuPont for ground stabilisation / geotextile products to be the foundation for your successful landscaping and construction projects. We have hard-working products engineered to provide ground stability, facilitate drainage and control erosion, and more.

Efficient Root Barrier Solutions 

These products control the growth of aggressive rooting plants and trees, and also protect patios, paved areas, asphalted surfaces as well as buildings and utility channels. Easy to use, require little preparation and once installed can be left maintenance free for many years.