Cyrel® FAST DFP High Performance Plate

DuPont™ Cyrel® Performance Plate DFP is the high ink transfer, combination plate for the DuPont thermal platemaking process, designed to meet the needs of high quality flexo with finest halftone, linework and solids.

Featuring a unique, engineered plate surface the Cyrel® FAST DFP Performance Plate does not require any modification to the main UV exposure step and performs well with standard flexo CTP units. There is no need for special films or laminates and standard prepress workflows can be used.

The Cyrel® FAST DFP Performance Plate offers many distinct advantages including:

  • superior solid ink density
  • long tonal range
  • smoother ink laydown with dramatic reduction in graininess
  • minimal dot gain and dot size

Gravure Like Quality

The Cyrel® DFP enables flexible packaging printer-converters to achieve quality that is indistinguishable from gravure printing while improving sustainability and realizing significant productivity benefits including:

  • Improved press uptime
  • Reduced start-up waste
  • Ability to shift to extended gamut printing
  • Solids and screens can be combined on same plate
  • Reduced ink consumption


  • Flexible packaging
  • Tag & Label
  • Folding cartons
  • Beverage cartons

Product Features

Extremely rapid access time thanks to thermal plate processing without a drying step.

Rugged and clean printing for long, uninterrupted print runs. Image relief is clean and sharp.

Exceptional thickness uniformity. No plate swelling during platemaking.

Less make ready time on press, comes up to colour quickly.

Resistance to ozone and white light results in excellent storage capability.