Cyrel® Round Systems

Cyrel® Round Systems for High-Quality Precision Printing

The quality of flexo printing has increased dramatically, due mainly to pioneering work by DuPont on digital imaging workflows. Cyrel® Round Systems help to move flexo printing one step closer to perfection.

Cyrel® FAST Round and Cyrel® Solvent Round Systems are complete digital sleeve production solutions that combine the flexibility, speed and efficiency of flexo printing with the precision and reliability of gravure.

With Cyrel® FAST Round and Cyrel® Solvent Round Systems, high-precision, continuous print flexo sleeves can be made directly from digital data—without any image distortion or mounting tolerances.

Cyrel® FAST Round and Cyrel® Solvent Round Systems consist of a family of ready-to-image printing sleeves supported by complementary equipment for ultraviolet (UV) exposure, processing, drying (for solvent systems) and finishing.

The sleeves are imaged by Cyrel® Digital Imagers (CDIs) or other sleeve capable computer-to-plate systems.

Benefits of Cyrel® FAST Round System

An easy-to-use equipment and print form combination that uses solvent-free technology, the Cyrel® FAST Round System:

  • Delivers a continuous flexo form for high-quality precision printing
  • Enables plate access time of less than one hour for four photopolymer sleeves
  • Features a very low environmental footprint
  • Is ideal for tag & label and flexible packaging applications up to 1,400 mm (55 in.) wide