Flat Top Dot Workflow Solutions

Cyrel® Flat Top Dot Workflows Are Simple, Cost Effective and Sustainable

Flat top dot workflows optimize the benefits associated with solid screening programs such as HD Flexo Microcell, while also producing a flat-topped/hybrid dot for printers who prefer an alternate dot profile.

In theory, the structure of a flat top dot distributes the load factor on press, resulting in lower plate wear rates. The controlled atmosphere used to create the flat top dot during the main exposure of a plate also produces an exact 1:1 reproduction of image elements for improved solid ink density.

DuPont has developed two flat top dot workflow solutions to help you achieve exceptional print quality.

Cyrel® DigiFlow

Cyrel® DigiFlow expands the capabilities of digital Cyrel® and digital Cyrel® FAST to deliver superior print quality and productivity.

Cyrel® DigiCorr

Cyrel® DigiCorr minimizes “fluting” on even the most challenging types of corrugated boards and increases print quality dramatically.