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Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD Large Format, Solvent-Free, Flexographic Plate Processor

Large Format, Solvent-Free, Flexographic Plate Processor

DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD is a plate making system that uses dry, thermal
technology to process high quality photopolymer plates, thus eliminating
all solvents and aqueous solutions from the plate room.

The Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD enables the production of finished plates up to a
format of 52“ x 80“ (1,320 x 2,032 mm). With the thermal process Cyrel®
FAST system you can image and process a plate in less than one hour, making
it the ideal just-in-time plate making system for the demanding packaging

To learn more about our Cyrel® FAST 3000 TD large format processor, view our data sheet.