DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD Offers Improved Plate Quality and Machine Performance

Mid Format, Solvent-Free, Flexographic Plate Processor

The new Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD provides outstanding quality and productivity in a mid-size (42” x 60”) format for flexible packaging and tag and label applications.

With its new ergonomic and compact design, the Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD features several cutting-edge tools and technologies that contribute to higher plate quality, easier workflow and improved machine serviceability.

Plates processed in the 2000 TD processor have better cleanout  and relief depth uniformity while providing excellent fine line and dot holding.  It’s a perfect fit with the Cyrel® EASY plate portfolio.

The Cyrel® FAST solvent-free thermal processing technology produces a press-ready finished plate in one hour or less and dramatically improves productivity by eliminating the drying steps.  Featuring the smallest environmental footprint available today, the Cyrel® FAST thermal workflow can provide up to 53% savings in greenhouse gas generation and up to 63% reduction in non-renewable energy consumption. 

More information on sustainability and our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is available at this link.

To learn more about our Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD mid-size format processor, view our data sheet.