DuPont is a Leading Producer of Fluoropolymers

At DuPont, we are bringing more environmentally sustainable innovation in fluoropolymer science to the specialty chemicals industry. DuPont is a leading producer of fluoropolymers, including resins, additives, films, and finishes. Our products have exceptional resistance to high temperatures, chemical reaction, corrosion, and stress-cracking. In the fluoropolymers market, our Teflon® brand is one of the most recognized brands. We also feature other resins, including Tefzel® and Elvax®, fluorointermediates and methylamines.

While best known for its use as a coating in nonstick cookware and all-weather apparel, Teflon® is also the preferred fluoropolymer for a host of other applications and different processing techniques. It is widely used in such industries as automotive, chemical processing, semiconductor manufacturing, cabling materials, chemical handling, data communication, aerospace, electronics, building, and renewable energy.

The unique properties of Teflon® brand fluoropolymers include significant chemical and heat resistance, and a great ability to withstand corrosion in the most challenging environments.

For a host of applications, processing techniques and conditions, count on the mechanical toughness, conductivity, and low-friction properties of DuPont fluoropolymers.


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