Surlyn® for Medical Device Packaging

Proven, High-Clarity Thermoforming Film for Sterilized Packaging

DuPont™ Surlyn® is the basis for a widely used thermoforming film for packaging medical devices that require sterilization.

DuPont™ Surlyn® resins are used in thermoforming film to enhance the formability of co-extruded thermoforming webs and help ensure medical device packaging is clearly visible and sterile.

Medical device packages are typically made using a thermoforming web process, which creates a cavity for the device, and often uses a Tyvek® lid sealed to a transparent bottom made of thermoformed film that both shows the device and preserves its sterility.

Excellent Deep Draw for Uniform Thickness

Formability is essential to maintain thickness in the corners of the package; otherwise, splitting and pinholing can occur during shipping and handling and result in unusable products.

Surlyn® provides excellent deep-draw characteristics, which help in uniform thickness distribution. Composite structures incorporating Surlyn® have shown more uniform draw and a lower frequency of thin spots than other composites, which can help reduce waste and lower costs.

High Gloss and Clear Transparency

The high-gloss, clear transparency of Surlyn® assures that medical devices will be clearly visible through the thermoforming film packages, making it easier for healthcare providers to reach for the right device. And Surlyn® adds a high-quality touch to the packaging.

High Performance in Thermoforming Web Process

Surlyn® has an ionomeric cross-linked structure. When used in thermoforming web process, its performance properties include:

  • Fast infrared heat absorption for even temperature distribution
  • High melt strength at usual forming temperatures
  • Low crystalline characteristics

Helps Keep Medical Devices Safe and Sterile

By using Surlyn® in thermoforming film, manufacturers and healthcare providers reduce product waste due to fewer punctured packages, and they help increase patient safety by ensuring the packaging keeps medical devices sterile.

With its proven reliable performance, Surlyn® sets the standard for thermoforming film used in thermoformed packages for medical devices.