Surlyn® for Skin & Stretch Packaging

Lightweight Visual Packaging Delivers Shelf Appeal and Efficiencies

Skin and stretch packaging films made with DuPont™ Surlyn® are an attractive, lightweight, cost-effective alternative to clamshell and blister visual packaging.

DuPont™ Surlyn® for skin and stretch packaging films enhances the shelf appeal of retail visual packaging. It is both attractive and lightweight, helping manufacturers and converters reduce material usage without sacrificing performance.

In both skin and stretch carded display packaging (Stretch Pak), Surlyn® shows products clearly for maximum shelf appeal, helping increase sales. It offers outstanding gloss and transparency for superior shelf appeal, imparting brightness to both matte and semi-gloss printed boards. It also allows a low ratio of packaging to product, which can provide substantial savings in product transport, while reducing waste.

Surlyn® and Skin Packaging

For skin packaging, Surlyn® provides excellent transparency, quick absorption of infrared heat, and deep drawability. It can conform to the shape of almost any product, no matter how unusual. It allows for short production cycles with lower energy requirements. Its high melt strength allows use of thinner gauges, and it does not get brittle with age or exposure to extreme cold.

Stretch Pak Design Options

Stretch Pak films made with DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resin give visual packaging more design options, including:

  • One-Sided Frame View: Similar to surface-seal blister or skin packages, the opening can conform to the product’s shape or be designed as a generic shape. Ideal for use with similar products of different sizes and shapes.
  • See-Through Frame View: The product “floats” in the middle of the card so that it can be seen from either side. Also ideal for use with similar products of different sizes and shapes.
  • Two-Sided Stand-Up: Replacing standing fold-over blister and clamshell packages, this design provides superior standing performance and prevents the product from moving within the package. Ideal for incorporating promotional items.

Surlyn® for Stretch Pak Production Advantages

Stretch Pak also helps make packaging production more efficient:

  • It shrinks tight to conform to even the most oddly shaped products.
  • It permits fast throughput and line speeds, for easier processing at higher packaging yields.
  • Products can be packaged in single or multiple units, or in a premium version, without interfering with production.

Surlyn® Performance Properties Enhance Visual Packaging

Because of its unique bond between the polymer chains, carded display packaging using skin and stretch packaging films containing Surlyn® offers many performance benefits, including:

  • Faster Processing: Surlyn® absorbs infrared heat at about twice the rate of PE. Its ability to soften more quickly in the heating phase speeds up the whole packaging process, allowing around 40% more packaging cycles in the same time frame.
  • Better Puncture and Abrasion Resistance: Films made of Surlyn® are not easily punctured by pointed objects and sharp edges, especially during the critical forming stages of the packaging cycle.
  • Tamper Resistance and Improved Product Security: Films made with Surlyn® are highly resistant to tampering. It is very difficult to remove the product from its package without leaving obvious signs that the package was compromised.
  • Better Resistance to Board Curl: Compared with LDPE, Surlyn® has a higher shrink force in the molten phase, for perfect draw, but a lower shrinkforce in the solid state. This eliminates unsightly board curl and prevents objects from being deformed.
  • Better Chemical Resistance: Films made with Surlyn® resins are resistant to grease and oil, which are often used for packaging of industrial parts such as bearings and tiles, and it will not corrode unplated metals.
  • Better Resistance to Aging: Films made with Surlyn® do not become brittle with age, even when packaging the heaviest products.
  • Cold-Weather Durability: Films made with Surlyn® retain all their properties down to -40 °C, minimizing low-temperature impact breakage during transit and storage.
  • Excellent Adhesion to Primed and Non-Primed Board: Surlyn® provides outstanding adhesion to primed board, and Surlyn® co-extruded with highly transparent Bynel® adhesive resin provides outstanding adhesion to non-primed board.

Sustainability Advantages

Skin and Stretch Pak films made with Surlyn® offer significant weight and volume reduction compared to traditional rigid blister or clamshell packs. Because of its outstanding toughness and formability, Surlyn® makes downgauging easier, helping reduce packaging volume during transit. And by using less film overall, visual packaging manufacturers can reduce their source material usage.