Surlyn® for Extruded Shapes & Sheets

An Extrusion Resin for Toughness and Abrasion Resistance

DuPont™ Surlyn® extrusion resin is used in products designed for superior performance in harsh environments, including shock tubes for mining and construction, flooring, wake/bodyboards, and snowshoes.

DuPont™ Surlyn® extrusion resin provides outstanding durability, impact toughness, and resistance to chemicals and abrasion in a wide range of applications. Processes include film, cast sheet, and profile extrusion, as well as extrusion coating/lamination.

The performance properties of Surlyn® extrusion resin are well-suited to sporting goods, construction and other high wear and tear products.

Mining and Construction Shock Tubes

Shock tubes are used in detonating systems for mining, construction, and other applications requiring controlled detonation of explosives. Surlyn® extrusion resin has been used for years as the interior layer in these tubes, due to its unique combination of adhesion and physical performance properties:

  • Superior powder adhesion: Ensures uniform powder dispersion and reduced risk of misfires
  • Exceptional chemical and oil resistance: Prevents oil penetrating through the tube and interacting with explosive powder, allowing for reliable blasting, even in harsh environments
  • Superior low-temperature toughness: Maintains its integrity during installation and operation in cold environments, such as open pit
  • Superior melt strength and strain hardening characteristics: Enables reliable manufacturing and reduces the probability for a blow-through and misfire
  • Excellent transparency: Improves optical control during powder deposit

Surlyn® 8940 is the grade of choice for shock tubes. The typical shock tube structure is three layers:

  • PE/PE/Surlyn®
  • PE/tie/Surlyn®

For structures requiring a tie layer, DuPont™ Nucrel® or DuPont™ Bynel® can be used as the intermediate adhesive layer.

Flooring Wear Layers

Surlyn® extrusion resin is used as a protective wear layer on halogen-free flooring and floor tile constructions. Its outstanding scratch resistance, easy care, and safety standard compliance make it ideal for use in buildings with high traffic, including government, healthcare, education, and retail.

Surlyn® performance properties fulfill the needs of high-quality flooring:

  • Superior abrasion and scratch resistance compared to PVC
  • Excellent stain resistance and UV resistance compared to PVC
  • Transparent, colorless top wear layer which prevents yellowing
  • Low-maintenance cleaning — use water only and no need to buff
  • High sound absorption and center of friction (COF)
  • Chlorine-free and without plasticizers
  • Recyclability due to polyolefin base
  • Excellent safety standard compliance with minimal VOC emissions and low smoke density and toxicity upon incineration 

Wakeboards and Bodyboards

Manufacturers of slick sheeting materials use Surlyn® extrusion resin to meet the specialized needs and manufacturing techniques of wakeboard and bodyboard makers. Surlyn® offers several advantages over other materials:

  • “Projection:” Slicks made of Surlyn® add more spring and liveliness to boards, helping skilled riders get more air and cut more athletic lines through the water.
  • Abrasion resistance: Ionic cross-linking of Surlyn® provides toughness to combat the scraping-away effects of sand.
  • Speed: Surlyn® makes slicks slip through the water, helping riders build and maintain speed.


Used at the front of high-performance snowshoes, decking made of Surlyn® extrusion resin provides remarkable toughness, even when cold.

Compared to PVC decking, decking made with Surlyn® weighs less, has greater recovery (retaining its original shape), and doesn’t yellow. Surlyn® performance properties include low-temperature toughness, abrasion resistance, and transparency, which enhances aesthetic appeal.