Surlyn® for Blow Molding

Cost-Effective Blow Molding Resins Add Transparency and Gloss

Surlyn® provides high gloss, scratch resistance, pleasant touch, and squeezability to cosmetic bottles and tottles.

DuPont™ Surlyn® blow molding resins are a cost-effective solution for transparent or opaque, monolayer or multi-layer premium blow-molded bottles and tottles for cosmetic, skin care, and hair care products.

Surlyn® provides outstanding transparency, high gloss, and scratch resistance to both extrusion blow-molded and injection blow-molded containers. For multi-layer extrusion blow-molded bottles, Surlyn® also offers significant cost savings versus expensive lacquering.

Glossy or Matte, Rigid or Flexible

With their unique chemistry, Surlyn® blow molding resins enable the creation of different surface solutions:

  • Depth of image through transparent outer layer
  • High glossy surface through polished mold
  • Semi-matte surface through textured mold
  • Rigid or flexible structure

Multi-Layer or Monolayer, Surlyn® Delivers

Surlyn® performance properties depend on the type of container structure. For multi-layer containers, Surlyn® provides:

  • High glossy surface
  • Excellent scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Warm and pleasant touch
  • Deepness effect to reveal colors and pigments
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • Improved squeezability and spring-back effect
  • Easy reuse of regrind compared to lacquered bottles

For monolayer containers, such as tottles, Surlyn® provides:

  • Crystal-clear transparency allowing contents to be visible
  • Convenient squeezability
  • Stiffness and spring-back effect for flexible tottles
  • Better bottle emptying and improved dispensability
  • Excellent moisture and gas barrier properties
  • Superior chemical resistance

The Chemistry of Surlyn®

Surlyn® blow molding resins constitute a family of thermoplastic materials, based on ionically cross-linked copolymers. The ionic bonds modify the crystalline structure in such a way that ionomers become very transparent resins that are also tough and highly resistant to solvents.

Grades Available

Extrusion Blow Molding:

  • Surlyn® 8920 for extreme gloss and transparency
  • Surlyn® 1706 for enhanced chemical resistance

Injection Blow Molding:

  • Surlyn® 8528 and 1652 for additional flexibility

Sustainability Contributions

Surlyn® blow molding resins help contribute to more sustainable cosmetics packaging. With scratch resistance eliminating the need to add coatings or varnishes, Surlyn® is a solvent-free solution. And the Surlyn® polyolefin-based structure (together with PE) provides improved recyclability compared to PA.