Keldax® Sound Barrier Resin

Sound Barrier Resin Keeps Noise Down in Automotive Applications

DuPont™ Keldax® sound barrier resin is a filled, ethylene-based polymer that provides acoustical sound barrier performance in automotive and other applications.

Nothing says luxury like the pristine hush of a well-insulated car interior. Keldax® sound barrier resin used in carpet backing, door panels and components help reduce unwanted noise, from both interior sources, such as seat belt retractors, and exterior culprits, like engines, transmissions, and suspension systems.

In automotive carpets, the ability to thermoform Keldax® sound barrier resin allows manufacturers to pre-shape ready-to-install, mass-backed carpets that speed automotive assembly. A recyclable thermoplastic, Keldax® can be molded to extremely thin gauges, a critical advantage when designing double-walled sound barriers, which include a sound-deadening air space.

Other applications include sound barriers in automotive door panels, to shield passengers from roadnoise, and sandwiched flame-resistant architectural panels, where sound deadening contributes to perceived higher quality performance.