Elvaloy® Polymer Modifier

PVC Plasticizer Resins Improve Flexibility &Toughness

Elvaloy® is used to improve toughness in CPET and APET trays for frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat meals, as a PVC plasticizer and as a compatibilizer in PET/HDPE recycling.

DuPont™ Elvaloy® resin is used for polymer modification. One of its major uses is as a low-temperature impact modifier in CPET and APET tray processing, where increased toughness is needed for packaging foods under frozen (CPET tray) and refrigerated (APET tray) conditions.

Using Elvaloy® to improve low-temperature toughness of PET leads to less breakage in preparation, distribution and use, helping reduce waste and costs. When added to low-viscosity Recycled PET (RPET), Elvaloy® improves regrind utilization and process stability, which also helps reduce costs.

Elvaloy® is blended or compounded with other resins, and is frequently combined with DuPont™ Elvaloy® AC. Elvaloy® can be used in cast sheet extrusion, thermoforming or injection molding.

Elvaloy® may be added to PVC to act as a plasticizer. Unlike typical plasticizers, Elvaloy® is “locked” into the compound, thereby minimizing plasticizer extraction.

A Resin with a Broad Spectrum of Applications

Frozen and Refrigerated Meals

For brand owners who want consistent drop-impact toughness in their dual ovenable trays, Elvaloy® resins are premium compatibilizers that, when combined with Elvaloy® AC or similar resins, provide the desired level of low-temperature PET toughness in refrigerated and frozen meals.

For CPET converters, Elvaloy® resins lower processing costs and improve efficiency by maximizing regrind utilization and allowing the use of cheaper, lower viscosity PET resins.

PVC Plasticizer

DuPont™ Elvaloy® is a flexible polymer that is highly miscible with PVC during the PVC compounding stage. This makes it a useful PVC plasticizer.

Because it is a high-molecular-weight, solids-phase (non-liquid) PVC plasticizer, Elvaloy® resin adds permanent flexibility to the PVC compound, enabling higher-value use in more demanding applications such as weather-exposed roofing and environmental protection membranes.

PVC plasticizer extraction issues, from PVC weathering or exposure to chemicals, can be reduced by using a polymer such as Elvaloy® that locks itself into the flexibilized compound.  Elvaloy® performance helps increase the compound’s acceptance of other performance additives such as flame retardants, fillers and stabilizers. Elvaloy® flexible PVC plasticizer applications include single-ply roofing, geo-membranes, cable jacketing compounds, and “no-dig” fold-and-form pipe liners.

PET or PET/HDPE Recycling

For Resin Recyclers who want an impact modifier for recycled PET (RPET) resins, or a compatibilizer for blends of RPET and HDPE, Elvaloy®, either alone or combined with Elvaloy® AC or other acrylates, improves the mechanical and impact properties of the modified materials. It also maximizes regrind utilization and allows the use of lower viscosity RPET resins, which helps lower processing costs and improve efficiency.

The Chemistry of Elvaloy®

Elvaloy® terpolymers (three monomers) are a family of ethylene copolymers that include different chemistries. Ethylene/butyl acrylate/glycidyl methacrylate copolymers (E/BA/GMA) are the only type used in food packaging.

Specialized Grades for Polymer Modification

Elvaloy® 4170

Elvaloy® 4170 is a terpolymer containing 8% weight of the epoxy monomer (GMA) that reacts with PET.

The butyl acrylate monomer in Elvaloy® 4170 has a lower glass transition (Tg) than its competitive methylacrylate monomer, which results in improved low-temperature impact performance.

Elvaloy® PTW

Elvaloy® PTW is an ethylene terpolymer used as an impact modifier for a variety of polymers. When used in a CPET tray formulation, Elvaloy® PTW increases both toughening and the melt strength of the PET.

When used as a compatabilizing resin for polyester blends (i.e. PET/PE), the addition of 5% Elvaloy PTW leads to fine dispersion and superior mechanical properties.