Elvaloy® AC Acrylate Copolymer

Acrylate Copolymer Resin Enhances Processing and Performance

Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymer combines easy processability and bonding to increase frozen food tray toughness, improve material formability, and boosts performance of other materials.

DuPont™ Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymer resins give film or cast sheet converters versatile, cost-effective choices for a range of packaging and non-packaging applications.

Elvaloy® AC grades can be blended with other materials to improve performance properties in a variety of applications, including:

  • Increasing the low-temperature toughness of CPET trays
  • Improving the formability or handling characteristics of film or sheets
  • Enabling high pigment and non-halogen filler acceptance in wire and cable jacketing

The Chemistry of Elvaloy® AC

DuPont™ Elvaloy® AC is a family of acrylate copolymer resins (ethylene butyl-, ethyl-, and methyl-acrylates) that can be processed easily on conventional equipment used by packaging film converters.
Highly compatible with PET and low-density polyethylene (LDPE), these EBA, EEA and EMA resins easily bond to various polar and non-polar substrates.

Elvaloy® AC improves low-temperature toughness of PET through its inherent chemical properties:

  • Ethylene acrylate copolymers have very low glass transition temperatures (Tg<-35°C).
  • Acrylate polarity improves compatibility with PET.
  • Addition of a compatibilizer (ionomer, terpolymer) provides the best uniform dispersion.
  • Well-dispersed ethylene acrylate domains absorb impact energy.

By making PET tougher, manufacturers and converters experience less packaging breakage in food preparation, distribution and use, which helps reduce waste.

Specialized Acrylate Copolymer Grades

Elvaloy® AC Modifier Resin

Used as modifier to improve seal performance for frozen and refrigerated food packaging and improve formability of industrial and agricultural film packaging, Elvaloy® AC Modifier Resin benefits include:

  • Use in blends or as a layer in coextrusion- or extrusion-laminated structures
  • Increased flexibility and toughness at very low temperatures, resulting in fewer package failures
  • Use in processing conditions that require higher temperatures, such as extrusion coating onto paper-board applications
  • Reduced seal initiation temperature and improved seal strength for faster line speeds
  • Broader hot tack range and improved hot tack strength
  • Improved puncture resistance
  • Improved printability
  • Improved foil adhesion

Elvaloy® AC Toughening Resin

When used with polyolefins such as polypropylene (PP) in consumer and industrial goods and in recycling, Elvaloy® AC Toughening Resin benefits include:

  • Blending in single-screw extruders to make alloys
  • Increased toughness while enhancing the dispersion of pigments or mineral loads
  • Improved compatibility for PP alloys

When used for moderate toughening of polyesters PET and PBT, Elvaloy® AC Toughening Resin provides:

  • Thermal stability: Elvaloy® AC resins have a substantially higher heat resistance than EVAs and other polar ethylene copolymers. EVA, for example, starts to degrade around 220°C, whereas EMAs remain stable up to 350°C in air, and EEAs are stable over 400°C in a nitrogen atmosphere.
  • Higher melt temperature than autoclave (batch) grades: Due to their more heterogeneous molecular architecture, Elvaloy® AC resins made in tubular reactors have a higher crystalline melt temperature than conventional autoclave copolymers. This diminishes bridging and stickiness problems in the extruder feed zone.
  • High polarity: Elvaloy® AC is not only compatible with polyolefins, such as PP and PE, but also has some compatibility with a broad range of engineering plastics, including PA, PBT, and PET.
  • Low-temperature flexibility: EBA grades provide better low-temperature toughness and impact resistance than EMA grades. EBAs are ideal for soft touch and other high-value personal care and health care applications.

Elvaloy® AC Masterbatch Carrier Resin

Used to increase the performance of materials such as PA6, PA66, PET, PE, PP, and PVC, Elvaloy® AC Masterbatch Carrier resin provides:

  • Greater acceptance and finer dispersion of a wide range of additives and functional fillers, including pigments, flame retardants, slip agents, antiblock, antioxidants, UV stabilizers, antifog agents, antimicrobial, carbon black, TiO2, and blowing agents

        o More effective dispersion of difficult-to-disperse ingredients
        o Broader compatibility with polar and non-polar materials which enhances toughening properties and
           stress cracking resistance of the final product
        o Lower loading for the same effectiveness in finished compound, resulting in cost savings
  • Superior thermal stability, especially with EMA copolymers
  • Higher melting temperatures, less sticking in feed hopper
  • Better flexibility at low temperatures, especially with EBA copolymers

Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymer resins offer versatility by blending with a variety of materials and improving a range of performance properties.