Flame Resistant Clothing

Fight the Heat with DuPont Thermal Protection

It is difficult to predict when a fire will occur, or how intense it will be. So the best strategy is to be prepared at all times – with the proven thermal protection made with DuPont products.

At DuPont, we take safety seriously. In fact, it’s been one of our core values for more than two hundred years. By combining that experience with an untiring spirit of innovation, we have steadily evolved to become a leading global provider of innovative thermal protective solutions.

In collaboration with academics, peers and industry customers, our scientists and engineers never stop working to improve existing products or develop groundbreaking new ones, that can help keep workers even safer in the future.

Our thermal solutions portfolio includes Nomex® fibre for fire, heat, flame, electric arc protection and Kevlar® fibre for gloves and accessories that can resist high temperatures. Tempro® and ProShield® FR single-use, chemical protective coveralls are designed to be worn on top of the flame-resistant garment thus protecting the wearer from limited exposure to flames and chemicals as well as protecting the reusable flame-resistant garment itself.