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Tempro® Coveralls

DuPont™ Tempro® Coveralls – Keeping Primary FR Garments Clean

Tempro® limited-flame-spread coveralls (model CHF5) are designed to help protect and preserve primary flame-resistant garments from dirt and grime.

Tempro® coveralls are lightweight, limited use overgarments that provide dirt and grime protection. By helping to protect primary flame-resistant garments from nuisance contamination, they effectively protect your investment and reduce the strain on your budget.

Safety and comfort benefits include:

  • Fabric meets index 1 as per EN ISO 14116* classification when tested according to EN ISO 15025** method A
  • Highly breathable limited-flame-spread garment
  • Dust and liquid repellency
  • Protection against dirt, grime and non-hazardous particles and aerosols
  • To be worn over primary thermal protection garments (index 2 or index 3), such as DuPont™ Nomex® coveralls & Nomex® balaclavas
  • Fabric: Flame-retardant-treated cellulose-polyester nonwoven designed to help minimise burn injury in the event of an industrial fire

Applications: scientifically engineered and tested, Tempro® coveralls are widely used for general maintenance.

Available in blue. Sizes: M to XXXL

* Protection against heat and flame – limited-flame-spread materials, material assemblies and clothing.
** Protection against heat and flame – method test for limited flame spread.




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