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ProShield® Proper Coveralls

DuPont™ ProShield® Proper - versatile, durable workwear for non-hazardous applications

ProShield® Proper garments keep you clean when there is dirty work to be done. Significantly, they are stronger and more durable than other limited-use coveralls because they are made of a proprietary DuPont fabric that makes them incredibly tough, lightweight and resistant to tears and punctures.

At the same time, the ProShield® Proper is also very comfortable thanks to micro-perforations in the fabric that allow the unrestricted passage of air and water vapour. This lets the skin breathe while preventing dust, dirt and accidental spills from entering.

The grey colour of these garments helps hide dirt and keeps them looking newer for longer. This facilitates their re-use on multiple occasions with the added flexibility of being washable up to seven times. 

More information about ProShield® Proper coveralls.


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