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ProShield® FR Coveralls

DuPont™ ProShield® FR – Protecting You and Your Flame-resistant Garment Worn beneath It

ProShield® FR coveralls (model CHF5) protect wearers and their re-usable flame-resistant garments.

Made of flame-retardant polypropylene SMS nonwoven fabric, these hooded protective coveralls help provide limited protection against flame spread (index 1). Depending on chemical toxicity and exposure levels, they are typically used over a primary FR protection garment such as Nomex® for protection against particles (Type 5), limited liquid splashes, or sprays of non-flammable liquids (Type 6).

By helping to protect primary flame-resistant garments from contamination, they effectively protect you and your investment and reduce the strain on your budget.

More information about ProShield® FR coveralls.


ProShield® FR

Is a hooded coverall protecting your reusable flame-resistant garment from light chemical spray, aerosol, particulates, dirt and grime. ProShield® FR also provides limited protection against heat and flames. According to EN ISO 14116 ¹ Index 1 ² (superseded EN 533:1997).


  • Three piece hood

    For optimum facial fit and increased protection

  • Zipper flap

    For increased protection

  • Colour-coded seams

    (Orange) enabling better identification of the garment* * The seams, elastics and zipper components are not made of flame-retardant materials and may burn if exposed to heat and flame

  • Elasticated waist

    Provides a good fit for better comfort and protection

  • Elasticated cuffs, ankles & hood

    For better fit and protection

  • Antistatic treatments

    Test conducted on FR fabrics and FR garments have demonstrated that antistatic properties reduce overtime. In the interests of safety, that's why we initially limit the shelf-life for the antistatic property of ProShield® FR to 18 months. We want our customers to be made aware of this characteristic and be in a position to manage it.

  • Generous cut

    Allows freedom of movement when worn over Index 2 or 3 undergarments

  • cat-3

    Chemical Protective Coverall Category III

    Click for more
  • type5

    Type 5 – Protection against airborne solid particulate chemicals

    (Norm: EN ISO 13982-1)

  • type6

    Type 6 – Limited protection against liquid mist

    (Norm: EN 13034)

  • electrostatic

    Electrostatic discharge if properly grounded

    (Norm: EN 1149-5: 2008)

  • radio

    Protection against particulate radioactive contamination

    (Norm: EN 1073-2)

  • thermal

    Limited flame spread material

    (Norm: EN ISO 14116-2008 Index 1/0/0)


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