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ProShield® 30 Coveralls

DuPont™ ProShield® 30 – Microporous Protection for General Maintenance

ProShield® 30 suits (model CHF5a) combine good particle protection with high liquid repellency. Specially designed to help protect against Type 5 and 6 exposure, these garments comprise a microporous film on a polypropylene nonwoven fabric.

ProShield® 30 garments are ideal for applications that are less demanding in terms of barrier, durability and comfort – for example, general maintenance, hospitals and other industries. They help provide a barrier against nonhazardous dry particles down to one micron in size, are repellent to liquids, but offer only limited chemical permeation barrier to some commonly used low concentration water-based chemicals. (In case of contamination, changing to a new suit is recommended). This material has limited breathability – comfort; it is permeable to moisture vapour only (not air permeable).

ProShield® 30 suits are not recommended for hazardous applications that require good abrasion resistance, due to the fragile nature of the outer film.

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