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Using Tyvek® for Steam Sterilization

Steam sterilization exposes medical and pharmaceutical packages to saturated steam at high temperatures. Through extensive testing and real-world application, DuPont™ Tyvek® has been shown to meet packaging criteria for steam sterilization under controlled conditions (250°F to 260°F [121°C to 127°C] at 30 psi for 30 minutes). In fact, packaging using Tyvek® for steam sterilization is commercial at medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Tyvek® continues to be superior to medical-grade paper when strong, low-linting packaging is required. Tyvek® not only retains its dimensional stability and integrity—with no discoloration—when steam sterilized under controlled conditions (250°F to 260°F [121°C to 127°C] at 30 psi for 30 minutes), it also maintains its tensile strength, microbial barrier and Gurley Hill porosity.

Rigid or semi-rigid trays restrict potential shrinkage and wrinkling, which can result in a smoother/tighter lid. Shrinkage of Tyvek® after steam sterilization is less than 1.6%.