Art Packaging

A relatively new use for DuPont™ Tyvek® has been unveiled in the art world. Due to its barrier properties, Tyvek® offers the protection which makes it the best solution for transporting and storing paintings and sculptures. More and more museums, galleries and art packagers are entrusting Tyvek® to protect their valuable pieces for these very reasons.

Tyvek® styles 1442R and 1622E, which are qualified for the packaging and transport of paintings and sculptures, are pH neutral, lint-free, make sure condensation can escape and protect from external damage.

Tyvek® is also smooth, which prevents it from scratching surfaces and makes it agreeable to work with.

Archival quality Tyvek® 1622E is soft, flexible, tear-resistant and breathable.

Since Tyvek® can be easily sewn, glued or taped, it can be tailor-made into the forms needed, or taken from the roll to create clean work areas or displays.

See typical properties of soft structure Tyvek® for art packaging