Cosmetics & Personal Care Packaging Materials

Creativity Meets Function in Cosmetic Containers

From concept to final delivery, DuPont works with cosmetics manufacturers to make creative packaging inspirations a reality.

DuPont state-of-the-art technology and materials help create beautiful, functional cosmetic containers and personal care packaging that sparkle, shine, and stand out in stores.

Our innovations include patented Surlyn® 3D production technology, which lets manufacturers achieve an unprecedented level of design freedom through unique and differentiated container shapes and visual effects.

Molding resins deliver a more refined look, including a higher gloss and a nicer feel for caps, cases, bottles, and other cosmetic containers. Easy-to-process blow-molding resins offer scratch resistance, squeezability and barrier performance. And our high-performance extrusion resins are well-suited for tubes, sample sachets, pouches, and film-based cosmetics packaging.