Postal Organizations & Courier Companies

Ground-breaking solutions for your Postal and Courier Business

Ground-breaking solutions for your Postal and Courier Business

For Postal and Courier companies which are looking for flexible and sustainable packaging solutions to take advantage of new business opportunities and grant highest customer satisfaction, we offer Tyvek® a strong and lightweight fabric. To cut your waste, energy consumption and emissions use mailing packages made of Tyvek®.

Tyvek® fabrics is a cost-effective total solution alternative to cardboard boxes (e.g. for textile content) and plastic film pockets, which may contribute to growing your revenue stream, by allowing you to offer value-added products and services.

Thanks to its exceptional strength and durability, compared to existing Cardboard box and plastic film solutions, Tyvek® mailing and packaging solutions provide high-performance protection to the envelope’s contents with the lowest impact on the environment; as documented in the Life Cycle Assesment (LCA) certified by Bio Intelligence Service (a fully independent body). The LCA on Tyvek® Shipping Packaging will strengthen your position in the Postal and Courier industries.

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