The responsible choice

Did you know, that just 40 years from now, some 30% more people will be living on this planet?(1)

It's now time to change!

Mailing packages made from DuPont™ Tyvek® could potentially produce less waste, use less energy, and emit less greenhouse gases than cardboard or LDPE used in similar conditions.(2)

To reduce carbon footprint, switch to Tyvek®

Envelopes and mailing packaging solutions made of Tyvek® produced in Luxembourg are certified to bear the Carbon Reduction Label in Europe. 

To save fuel, switch to Tyvek®

An analysis based on 260 million parcels packed in cardboard, shows that mailing just 30% of them in Tyvek® mailng packages would save greenhouse gases emissions equivalent to 3.2 million km by truck or 1.5 million litres of petrol.(2)

To cut waste, switch to Tyvek®

To equal the environmental performance of Tyvek®, you would have to recycle a single cardboard box four times. If the recipient of your mailing doesn‘t recycle the packaging, cardboard creates up to 20 times more waste than an equivalent Tyvek® mailing package and LDPE pockets create 70% more waste.(2)

To save energy, switch to Tyvek®

Along its complete life cycle Tyvek® mailing packages consumes up to 33% less energy than comparable LDPE packaging, and only 25% of a comparable cardboard box.(2)

To cut your postage costs, choose Tyvek® every time

Tyvek® is lighter and stronger than equivalent cardboard or LDPE packaging materials. You can choose to ignore the environmental advantages, but you can‘t overlook the economic benefits. Mailing your goods and documents in Tyvek® saves you money every single day.

(1) Source: United Nations (UN) Population Prospects, 2006 Revision.
(2) Source: Life cycle assessment conducted by BIO Intelligence Services SAS, France in September 2009.