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Kevlar® XP H170 for Helmets

Kevlar® XP H170 for Helmets — All the Protection Without All the Weight

Kevlar® XP H170 for helmets: heavyweight protection in a lightweight helmet.

DuPont is constantly innovating to help manufacturers make their products lighter, stronger and safer. And due to Kevlar® XP H170 for helmets, they can now create helmets that offer a 100% Kevlar® solution, yet are lighter than ever before. Made of a high-toughness resin combined with Kevlar® KM2® Plus fibre, Kevlar® XP H170 for helmets enables a 20% decrease in helmet weight without compromising on performance. Alternatively, it can be used to help design helmets that provide up to a 20% increase in performance at an equivalent weight.

Kevlar® XP H170 for helmets also helps provide:
•    Minimal back face deformation
•    Fewer layers and reduced stitching requirements
•    Patented woven fabric


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  • Military Protection

    DuPont has over two centuries of experience in providing military forces with critical materials. Our cutting edge technologies and materials continue to help provide leading edge protection for military personnel all over the world including military armour made with DuPont™ Kevlar® fibre.