Malik Zeniti from DuPont to speak at Europe's leading life sciences logistics gathering in Frankfurt

Zeniti will discuss the use of high performance low-bulk cargo covers for cool-chain applications at the 14th Annual Coolchain Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe conference, January 27th-28th in Frankfurt.

“This gives me a prestigious platform on which to present the latest developments and applications of DuPont’s Tyvek® technology in the important area of temperature control for pharmaceuticals and biologics during transit,” says Zeniti, who is responsible for Market Development at DuPont Protection Technologies. “In my talk I will be covering the process of qualification for thermal-protective cargo covers and speaking about the difficulties we faced and how they were overcome.”

Zeniti has been invited to speak at this important life-sciences event which is an annual gathering of industry leaders from right across the temperature controlled distribution sector. Every year the event brings together senior-level decision-makers from supply chain, logistics, QA, purchasing, procurement, and security as well as representatives from regulatory authorities and governing bodies. Delegates at Coolchain Europe will gain information and inspiration from some of the leading experts in the field of pharma and biopharma temperature control.

A specialist in the use of low-mass passive thermal protection for the safe distribution of Pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive products, Malik Zeniti has pioneered the European introduction of low-mass passive Tyvek® cargo covers. These covers employ a unique "triple-action"* approach to the control of temperatures to meet the latest EU and other regulatory requirements.

Tyvek® covers have been the subject of a comprehensive array of tests, trials and qualification exercises and in his talk Zeniti will examine a risk-based approach to cargo-cover selection as part of an overall route validation programme. He will also examine the need to consider 'real life' as opposed to ambient temperatures when considering thermal protective measures

"When designing the Tyvek® covers we analysed the nature and incidence of pharma coolchain temperature spikes and dips together with the physical heat loss/gain mechanisms involved. The result is a protective cover that can maintain effective CRT conditions across the majority of air freight handling situations."


About Malik Zeniti

Malik Zeniti is Manager of Business Development at DuPont ProtectionTechnologies (DPT) in Luxembourg. A Chemical Engineer by profession, Malik joined DuPont de Nemours in 1990 following a number of years in the aircraft industry. He has held a number of senior technical and marketing positions and currently leads the market development and sales of the thermal air cargo covers business branded Tyvek® in EMEA.