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Verimark® insect control

DuPont™ Verimark® Insect control

Insect control powered by CYAZYPYR®

Du Pont (U.K.) Limited is pleased to announce the recent registration of DuPont™Verimark®, bringing UK growers’ first access to this product within the European Union.

Verimark® contains Cyazypyr®, from a new class of insecticides called the anthranilic diamides, and it is the first product from this group to demonstrate broad spectrum activity on a range of pests.

Verimark® is registered in the UK for use as a brassica module drench to control Cabbage Root Fly (Delia radicum). In addition DuPont trials have shown activity on a wide range of chewing and sucking pests including caterpillar species and some suppression of early aphid infection. It is cleared for use on cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.

The Verimark® formulation is specifically designed for use as a module drench and optimises root uptake and crop safety. Verimark® prevents feeding of early season pests, reducing biotic stress on the crop resulting in more vigorous and even growth.

Verimark® is systemic and will move from the roots into the developing canopy giving additional protection. Whilst insect control may be the main reason for the initial product purchase growers are also likely to benefit from the enhanced plant vigour and uniformity of crop development within the field. Trials have shown significant increases in crop yield, number of plants harvested, and efficiencies in the number of harvest passes. This aspect of plant management will become a major reason for growers to use Verimark®.

Verimark® has an excellent toxicological and environmental profile. With little impact on beneficial predators and parasitoids, it is ideal for integrated pest management programmes. 

Product Information

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