Tanos® fungicide

Tanos® fungicide for early blight in potatoes

Tanos® fungicide containing cymoxanil and famoxate gives both protective and curative activity against blight.

A water-dispersible granule containing 250 g/kg cymoxanil and 250 g/kg famoxadone.

Recommended crops
Potatoes, all varieties of early and maincrop – including crops grown for seed.

Target disease
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans).
Early potato blight (Alternaria spp).

Use rate
0.5 to 0.7 kg product per hectare. Lower rates may also be used – see later.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200 l/ha in a MEDIUM quality spray at a pressure of at least 2 bar.

LERAP information
Category B – 5m buffer zone which can be reduced depending upon dose rate, width of watercourse and nozzle type or 1m buffer zone alongside dry ditch.

Rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours may reduce the effectiveness of treatment.

Minimum interval between sprays
7 days.

Limit to number of applications
6 per crop (maximum 3 consecutive).

Harvest interval
14 days after application.

3.5 kg plastic bottle.

Area treated per pack
5 hectares at full rate.

MAPP No. 10677

Product Information

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