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Curzate® M WG fungicide

Curzate® M WG potato blight fungicide

Curzate® M WG fungicide containing cymoxanil and mancozeb for the control of potato blight.

Water dispersible granules containing 4.5% w/w cymoxanil and 68% w/w mancozeb.

Recommended crop

Target disease
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans).

Use rate
2.0 kg product per hectare.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200 litres of water per hectare in a MEDIUM quality spray.

LERAP information
Curzate® M WG has no LERAP restrictions.

Rainfall or irrigation within 2 hours after application may reduce effectiveness.

Minimum interval between sprays
7 days.

Limit to number of applications

Harvest interval

10 kg packs.

Area treated per pack
5 hectares.

MAPP No. 11901

Product Information

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