DuPont Vydate® Stewardship Programme


Vydate® Stewardship Programme Application Update

DuPont Crop Protection promotes effective stewardship throughout its product range, from product manufacture through to final use and beyond. Stewardship supports sustainable agriculture, helps to maintain the environment and safeguards user and public health.

VYDATE® 10G is an essential product for the production of potatoes and other root crops however as with other nematicides it must be used with care.

  • All nematicides are classified as Harmful to Health.
  • All nematicides are classified as Dangerous for the environment.

DuPont supports nematicide stewardship and the correct use of VYDATE® 10G by providing training workshops for operators, BASIS advisors and farm managers as well undertaking an extensive on-farm programme of granular equipment calibrations, ensuring that the correct application rates are applied. Today VYDATE® 10G is used on over 50,000 ha of crops in the UK.

The stewardship of VYDATE® 10G has two main objectives:

  1. Maximise the benefits derived from product use.
  2. Minimise the potential risks to the environment, operators and consumers.

VYDATE® 10G is the only carbamate granular insecticide marketed in the UK. It provides effective control of potato cyst and free living nematodes.

It is the only approved nematicide to suppress free living nematodes in carrot and sugar beet crops.

If you require any additional information please contact the DuPont Technical Hotline on 01438 734450.

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