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Other Crop Protection Solutions

Tank washout and sprayer cleaner

To ensure best practice is followed DuPont has developed All Clear® Extra sprayer cleaner.

In order to follow best practice, following the use of an ALS herbicide the tank must be cleaned out to ensure there is no risk of residues of the ALS herbicide affecting a subsequently sprayed crop. DuPont has developed All Clear® Extra sprayer cleaner and a sprayer washout procedure to guarantee the cleanliness of the sprayer after spraying.

In addition, DuPont has developed SX® chemistry to reduce the time taken cleaning the sprayer though the use of All Clear® Extra sprayer cleaner is still an advisable part of the sprayer cleaning procedure.

By leading the industry in best practice through initiatives such as this, DuPont maintains its position as one of the leading global research and development manufacturers. 


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