Flanker® fungicide

Flanker® fungicide for control of sclerotinia

Flanker® contains picoxystrobin, a broad-spectrum fungicide from the strobilurin group.

A suspension concentrate containing 250 g/litre (22.72% w/w) picoxystrobin
Oilseed rape – 1 per crop.

Recommended Crops
Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley (undersown with grass/clover), winter and spring oats and oilseed rape.

Target diseases
Wheat:           Septoria tritici, Leptosphaeria (syn. Septoria) nodorum, yellow rust (moderate control), brown rust, ear                     diseases, eyespot (reduction).
Barley:            Net blotch, brown rust, powdery mildew, Rhynchopsporium.
Oats:              Crown Rust, powdery mildew.
Oilseed Rape:   Sclerotinia.

Use rate
1.0 l/ha

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200-300 l/ha of water as a MEDIUM spray quality at a pressure of at least 2 bar.

LERAP Information
Category C - no buffer zone, no LERAP required.

Rainfast 2 hours after application, provided good drying conditions.

Limit to number of applications
Wheat, barley, oats - 2 per crop
Oilseed rape - 1 per crop

Latest time of application
Wheat, barley, oats – Grain watery ripe stage (GS 71).
Oilseed rape – Flowering declining and majority of petals fallen (GS 67).

5 litre.

Area treated per pack
5 ha.

MAPP No. 14760 

Product Information

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