Refinzar® Phoma and LLS control

DuPont™ Refinzar® for Oilseed-Rape disease control in the autumn

Phoma and light leaf spot are the major yield-robbing diseases of oilseed rape in the autumn.


Phoma infection typically arrives in the autumn, infects leaves and ultimately causes cankers of the stem. Yield losses as a result can be up to 0.7T/ha. Light leaf spot typically starts it’s infection in the autumn and then continually re-infects new growth on the plant ultimately leading to yield losses of up to 1.0T/ha. Because of this continual re-infection from light leaf spot, seasonal control needs to be considered as a programmed approach and several applications will need to be targeted at the disease in high risk situations. Refinzar®  is an ideal start to this programme offering excellent protection from both Phoma and light leaf spot.


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