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Provalia™ LQM® herbicide

An oil dispersion (OD) formulation containing 135g/l fluroxypyr (present as 194.5g/l fluroxypyr meptyl), 5g/l metsulfuron methyl and 30g/l thifensulfuron methyl.

Recommended crop(s)
Winter wheat and winter barley.

Target weeds
Cleavers and Annual broad-leaved weeds.

Use rate
1 l/ha.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in a minimum of 150 litres of water as a MEDIUM spray quality at a pressure of 2-3 bar.

Buffer zone information
Do not allow direct spray from horizontal boom sprayers to fall within 5 metres of the top of the bank of a static or flowing water body or within 1m of the top of a ditch which is dry at the time of application. Aim spray away from water.

Rainfast 1 hour after application, provided good drying conditions.

Limit to number of applications
Winter wheat and winter barley – 1 per crop.

Application timing
Winter wheat and winter barley - Apply up to the flag leaf fully emerged growth stage (GS39). Do not apply before 15th March.

5 litres.

Area treated per pack
5 ha at maximum label dose.


MAPP No. 17846

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