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Lexus® SX® herbicide

Lexus® SX® herbicide for black grass control

Lexus® SX® is a powerful herbicide with foliar and root activity against a wide range of broad-leaved weeds, including black grass control.

A water-soluble granule containing 500g/kg flupyrsulfuron-methyl, based on flupyrsulfuron SX® technology.

Recommended crops
All current varieties of winter wheat (excluding durum wheat) pre or post-emergence.
All current varieties of winter barley pre-emergence only.
All current varieties of winter oats, winter rye and triticale post-emergence only.

Target weeds
Black-grass and annual broad-leaved weeds.

Use rates
Winter wheat: Up to 20g/ha in tank-mixture pre or post-emergence.
Winter barley: Up to 20g/ha in tank-mixture pre-emergence only.
Winter oats, Winter rye and Triticale: 10g/ha alone or in tank-mixture post-emergence only.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 100-400 litres/ha of water as a FINE or MEDIUM spray quality.

LERAP information
No LERAP required.

Rainfast after 1 hour from application.

120g jar, 10 per outer.

Area treated per pack
6 ha on winter wheat.
6 ha on winter barley (pre-emergence only).
12 ha on winter oats, winter rye and triticale.


MAPP No. 12979

Product Information


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