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Concert® SX® herbicide

Concert® SX® for broad leaved weed control in barley and wheat

Concert® SX® is rapidly absorbed by weeds, inhibiting growth within hours of treatment, thus preventing competition within the crop.

A non-segregating blend of water soluble granules containing 400g/kg thifensulfuron methyl and 40g/kg metsulfuron methyl, based on SX® technology.

Recommended crops
Winter wheat (except durum); Spring wheat; Spring barley.

Target weeds
Annual broad-leaved weeds.

Use rate
100-125g per hectare alone or in mixture.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200 to 400 litres of water per hectare as a MEDIUM spray quality.

LERAP information
Category B – 5m buffer zone which can be reduced depending on dose rate, width of watercourse, sprayer type or 1m zone if ditch is dry.

Rainfast after 2 hours from application, provided good drying conditions.

Limit to number of applications
One per crop.

200g plastic jar.

Area treated per pack
1.6 ha winter wheat (2.0 ha winter wheat when used in tank-mix).
2.0 ha spring wheat.
2.0 ha spring barley.

MAPP No.12288

Product Information


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