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Aylora® fungicide

Aylora® fungicide for wheat Septoria control and barley diseases

Aylora ® contains chlorothalonil and penthiopyrad offering control of a range of diseases, including wheat septoria control.

A suspension concentrate containing 250 g/l chlorothalonil and 100 g/l penthiopyrad.

Recommended crop(s)
Winter and spring wheat.   
Winter and spring barley.

Target weeds/pest/disease
Wheat: Septoria tritici, Leptosphaeria (syn. Septoria) nodorum, brown rust.
Barley: Net Blotch, Ramularia, Rhynchosporium

Use rate
Up to 2.5 l/ha.

Water volume and spray quality
Apply in 200-300 l/ha of water as a MEDIUM spray quality at a pressure of 2-3 bar.

Buffer zone information
Do not allow direct spray from horizontal boom sprayers to fall within 6 metres of the top of the bank of a static or flowing water body or within 1m of the top of a ditch which is dry at the time of application. Aim spray away from water. This crop is not eligible for buffer zone reduction under the LERAP horizontal boom sprayers scheme. Horizontal boom sprayers MUST be fitted with THREE STAR DRIFT REDUCTION TECHNOLOGY and must be maintained until 30 metres from the top of the bank of any surface water bodies.

Rainfast 2 hours after application, provided good drying conditions.

Limit to number of applications
Wheat  and Barley – 2 per crop.

Latest time of application
Winter and Spring Wheat - Apply up to the end of flowering (GS 69)
Winter and Spring Barley - Apply up to the end of heading (GS 59)

5 litres.

Area treated per pack
Winter and spring wheat: 2 ha at maximum label dose rate.
Winter and spring barley: 2 ha at maximum label dose rate.

MAPP No. 16187 

Product Information

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