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Upcoming Events

DuPont joins the 2Degrees Collaboration Map

Find out where and what DuPont is initiating in terms of sustainability across the world on the 2Degrees Global Collaboration Map™, the home to all sustainable business achievements and priorities of major corporates, NGOs and consultants >>


Where can you meet DuPont Sustainable Solutions in the upcoming months?


21 January 2016 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Process Safety Excellence 2016 >>



3 February 2016 | Paris, France

Safety, Health, Risk in Work >>



4 March 2016 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Process Improvement and Operational Excellence Summit >>


Introducing the DuPont Sustainable Solutions Webinar Series

The SafeStart™ Program: Taking safety beyond compliance and the workplace by building safety awareness skills

Recording from 18 November 2015

This webinar looked at the factors that enable organisations to drive their rate of personal injury and error down, by understanding the root causes behind mistakes and errors and helping employees develop the skills to keep safety in mind when they really need to. The SafeStart® program addresses human error and unintentional at-risk behaviours. It makes people aware of the state-to-error risk pattern that increases the risk of injury and teaches people the skills to reduce the risk by changing behaviour permanently – at work and outside of it.

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Supervisor Development

Reccording from 21 January 2016 at 14:00 GMT

This one hour webinar will help you discover a fresh approach to leadership and see how you can narrow the skills gap with Supervisor Development. It will explain how DuPont’s Supervisor Development Curriculum can help your organisation develop seven soft skills that can turn supervisors into effective leaders. Providing an overview of the curriculum’s three major phases, the webinar shows how DuPont helps organisations assess their supervisory culture, design onsite, targeted training, and facilitate successful application of key learning.

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Developing and executing a successful Operational Risk Management Strategy

23rd March 2016 at 11:00 AM GMT

This webinar will share insights into Operational Risk Management (ORM) practices from interviews conducted with senior executives in multiple industries.

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