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Blended Corporate Learning Solutions

Our award-winning learning technologies and engaging corporate training solutions content can be customized to help your organization transfer knowledge and transform performance.

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) award-winning training and development solutions professionals can help your organization to protect lives, develop crucial competencies, and empower employees throughout your company, making your business more competitive.

Blended Learning: We offer a full range of integrated learning technologies and engaging content to help your workforce develop critical skills. From classroom training tools to e-learning solutions to tailored, on-site seminars, our blended learning solutions help you bring your organization closer to its employee-development goals. Our experts help you assess, build, implement and extend your corporate training solutions program, as well as evaluate their effectiveness.

Training Topics: With a library of over 2000 programs, we can provide in-depth safety, human resources, and maintenance and reliability development training to help employees work safer, smarter and more competitively. These programs draw on decades of real-world experience. Since 1984, our over 190,000 corporate training solutions professionals have implemented our innovative programs in 129 countries to help boost productivity, improve profitability, and save lives.