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DuPont Environmental Management Consulting

By implementing customized, holistic processes, DuPont consultants help transform your organization, turning environmental efforts into competitive advantages. This integrated approach far surpasses traditional programs, and yields faster results and improves the return on your investments.

For organizations facing the ever-increasing risks associated with energy and supply-chain cost volatility, expanding regulations, growing market competition, and intense public and investor expectations, the rationale for adopting sustainable management strategies is clear. Our environmental management consulting experts can work with your organization to move beyond a simple corporate vision and isolated corporate social responsibility projects. We can help you integrate environmental planning within the framework of your business to reduce costs, effectively compete, attract investments, and strengthen engagement with key stakeholders. Our methodologies deliver early results at little to no cost, while simultaneously helping your organization to develop the strong management structures, processes and competencies needed to sustain and build upon your goals.

Our own continuous footprint reduction, as well as the redefinition of the DuPont business model around a successful sustainability management strategy, has earned the recognition of political leaders, civil society, and numerous media outlets. In 2010, Fortune Magazine named DuPont among its Top 50 Most Admired Companies in the World. Corporate Responsibility Magazine included DuPont in its list of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens of 2011. DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) consultants can apply and adapt the DuPont best practices that led to such accolades. Our solutions can help your organization achieve significant competitive advantages even as you reduce your environmental footprint.

Sustainability Management with Proven Results

Our expert consultants have helped clients in the oil and gas, power, chemicals, mining and metals processing, transportation, and other industries to move beyond a simple sustainability vision and isolated corporate social responsibility projects. Instead, our approach integrates sustainable planning within the framework of an organization. We use a comprehensive change management system, for maximum performance and results.

We can tailor our Environmental Management consulting solutions to help your organization to reduce costs, effectively compete, attract investments, and strengthen engagement with key stakeholders. Applying our own best practices, as well as our ever-expanding knowledge from client engagements, we can help you effectively manage a wide range of environmental risks, from carbon emissions and energy waste to water consumption and sourcing issues, while simultaneously creating sustainable supply chains and reducing your corporate footprint.

The Value of an Integrated Approach

Our integrated approach is designed to quickly move your entire organization from a compliance mindset, recognizing and mitigating risks, to a culture focused on realizing operational efficiencies and enhancing business performance. With our company-wide systems in place, costs go down, growth accelerates, and overall decision-making processes improve.

Unlike many other consulting firms, we are able to complement our real-world experience and sustainable operations consulting methodologies with a world-leading portfolio of proprietary emissions-reducing Clean Technologies for oil and gas, sulfuric acid producers, and other heavy industry. Our extensive capabilities help enable your organization to make the improvements in sustainability management, profitability, and competitiveness that you require.

DSS Environmental Management Consulting Methodology

Our methodologies are designed to deliver early results at little to no cost, even as we help your organization develop the strong management structures, processes, and competencies needed to sustain and build on your goals.

Working closely with you, our Environmental Management consulting experts design a customized plan to help prevent damaging environmental incidents, while reducing your corporate footprint, through:

  • Integrated environmental management systems
  • Environmental management competency training and development
  • Sustainability culture change processes

Implementation begins at the corporate level, and then moves to the business unit level. The result is an integrated company-wide environmental management system that improves your return on investment and accelerates progress toward your sustainability goals.