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The People Dimension to Risk

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The People Dimension to Risk

The Integrated Approach places great emphasis on the people element of risk.  Despite the well-intentioned efforts around risk management and organizational work processes, incidents still happen.   Our assets, operational fleets and equipment are still designed, operated, maintained and dismantled by human beings.

By fully understanding the people dimension - how individuals think, feel, and make decisions - and as a result of that, how people act, we can enable the creation of a risk management system that will achieve superior results.

"'Human Factors' describes the interaction of individuals with each other, with facilities and equipment and with management systems."  International Association of Oil and Gas Producers

Both the visible working environment and workplace culture influence Human Factors.  

An effective Operational Risks Management System should consider the following dimensions of Human Factors, among others:

  • Organizational Change
  • Human Factor Integration
  • Human Reliability Analysis
  • Human Error & Non-Compliance
  • Training and Competence
  • Pressure & Stress