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Integration: The Key to Success

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Integration: The Key to Success

How can organizations achieve significant and sustained risk reduction?

Within an operating environment, it is tempting to define only technical solutions to problems or risks that arise.  Our experience, and indeed our results internally and with clients around the world, has shown that an integrated approach is required to achieve the desired level of risk mitigation.

Our view is that neither technical solutions nor behavioral solutions are independently sufficient to address operational risks.  To achieve the expected business outcomes of zero incidents and zero injuries, an integrated approach that addresses all the elements of an Operational Risk Management System should be applied.

It is an integrated approach, reinforced by culture, leadership, capability development and strong, measurable management processes that allows companies to protect their people, their assets and ultimately, their bottom line. When pursued in concert, the result will be a self-reinforcing, metric-driven systemic approach that influences better outcomes.

By applying the principles and best practices of operational risk management, clients can:

  • Reduce and eliminate fatalities and serious injuries
  • Minimize workplace distractions that impact morale and productivity 
  • Avoid citations and fines
  • Enhance company reputation
  • Secure right to operate