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London Underground Case Study

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London Underground Case Study

London underground case study

Visible Management Commitment: The Key to Managing Risk Maintenance Directorate of the London Underground

London Underground’s Maintenance Directorate is responsible for the upkeep and repair of two-thirds of the London Underground network. This includes trains, stations, signalling, track, tunnels, bridges and structures, lifts and escalators and other related infrastructure. Our key priorities are the safe performance of assets and managing day-to-day incidents across the railway. We are also committed to delivering 100 per cent of planned maintenance - on time, within budget and to safety standards whilst ensuring operational performance is delivered with clear and visual controls in place.

To achieve sustainable improvement, it is vital that management drive change by visibly embracing safety as a core value. By espousing such an ethos, the Maintenance Directorate of London Underground was able to reduce its lost time injury rate by 66% over a five year period and ultimately earn the 2009 DuPont Safety Award for visible management commitment.

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