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Integrated Business Excellence and Supply Chain Management

Effective business strategies, look beyond financials and fully account for operational drivers.

Manufacturing and supply chain activities often consume the majority of a business’s financial resources, yet we often find they are managed as siloes that are disconnected from other crucial business functions.  By creating better strategic and operational connections between functions, a fully integrated business maintains strong alignment between its goals and its actions.  

With over 200 years of experience as an owner/operator of our own facilities across the globe, we at DuPont have extensive experience in driving operations excellence, particularly as it pertains to supply chain as a critical hub for business integration. Our practices and methodologies have allowed us to maximize reliability, responsiveness, flexibility, and cost across our global supply network, which consists of supply chains of all shapes and sizes. 

Our expert consultants can help your company to better integrate business and operations planning as part of an overall operational excellence strategy.