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Maximizing Asset Productivity

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.

As uncertainty and complexity continue to define the context in which businesses operate, executives are facing pressures to become more competitive and agile, often undertaking significant measures to reduce cost.  Despite this, few have realized the full potential of savings offered by bolstering the productivity of their asset base.  

Indeed, by creating data-driven processes focused on optimizing utilization of assets, companies can improve asset uptime, maintenance & reliability, turnaround efficiency and, ultimately, total cost productivity.  Such initiatives, however, are inherently complex: it is not just the technology that must be improved, but also the systems that govern its use, and the way in which the systems are implemented by people. 

At DuPont Sustainable Solutions, we apply over 200 years of DuPont experience and manufacturing expertise to extract the maximum value from our own operating assets. We have developed and refined our processes and results-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs) and we also have a robust infrastructure assessment process that can help evaluate the current state and suggest a multiyear renewal strategy. 

Our DSS consultants leverage their experience in DuPont facilities and their experience with clients around the world to help your organization implement customized solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations with practical and proven methodologies.