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Sustainable Operational Excellence and Improving Productivity Consulting

Extracting Value through Sustainable Operational Excellence

The context in which companies operate is becoming ever more complex: market volatility has become the “new normal”; shareholder and stakeholder expectations for reliability, efficiency and profitability are increasing; and competitive pressures require ever more agility.  Against this backdrop, companies are investing in improving productivity and sustainable operational excellence efforts seeking to gain an edge over competition, and increase their ability to adapt to shifting market conditions. 

While many companies are investing in improving productivity in the workplace, success rates for achieving sustainable operations and improvements are quite low. Narrow approaches that focus solely on improvement tools and methodologies or are overly dependent on elaborate standards, procedures and technologies often lead to an inability to attain, or sustain, results.

In order to extract maximum value from productivity improvements, our DuPont Sustainable Solutions experts help to apply integrated approaches that combine both organizational and technical solutions to accelerate results and deliver lasting improvements. DSS’s approach allows companies across multiple sectors to develop the organizational capability required to optimize asset performance and eliminate inefficiencies.

The expertise behind sustainable Operational Excellence implementations is not a core competency for most companies, nor should it be. It makes good business sense for most companies to use consultants for implementation of these systems, and there are many consulting companies that offer these services. Most of these consultant-delivered programs deliver quick productivity improvements. Unfortunately, however, most of these programs are not sustainable for long after the consultant leaves.

Unlike traditional consulting firms, DuPont Sustainable Solutions is able to operationalize customized strategies and build capabilities within the client organization to sustain improvements going forward. DSS consultants bring the unique perspective and experience of DuPont as an integrated manufacturing company for more than 200 years, as well as our experience enabling sustainable operational excellence efforts at a number of leading global companies. 

In addition, the DuPont safety and environmental stewardship culture, and our direct knowledge of a wide range of industrial processes gives us an advantage over other manufacturing companies offering consulting services. Safety has been one of our core values since 1802. It is “built-in” to our sustainable Operational Excellence programs. We understand how to implement these programs in a way that includes an integral emphasis on cultural awareness. It is why these programs are sustainable inside DuPont, and why our consultancy practice creates sustainable results in our client companies

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